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For a child born with Cerebral Palsy, due to the negligence of his mother's doctor during her labor and delivery. Chicago area medical malpractice.

Partial amputation of leg in industrial accident. Chicago area defective product claim.

Single vehicle rollover with 3 death. Insurance limits recovery from driver's policy. Plus recovery against manufacturer of the vehicle. Oklahoma traffic accident.

Village employee working on road salt truck mangled foot while clearing salt spinner. Chicago area defective product claim.

For the family of a woman who jumped from hospital roof to her death after admission for psychiatric observation Was left with indadequate supervision and allowed to walk up to roof of hospital.Chicago area medical malpractice.

$1,000,000 Supreme Court victory
For the family of a truck driver who was crushed to death by car, while making a delivery. Chicago area traffic accident.

For a carnival worker who lost his leg in a carnival ride accident. Recovered limits of insurance policy. Chicago area defective product claim.

Verdict reduced by 50% for the family of a teenager who crossed the street in front of a bus and was killed. Chicago area traffic accident.

Unsupervised elderly dementia patient jumped from nursing home window to her death. Chicago area nursing home malpractice.

Closed head injury sustained in truck/auto accident. Kansas traffic accident.

Laborer whose vehicle was struck while making a delivery for his company. Chicago area traffic accident.

Maine residents visiting Chicago suffered broken bones in auto accident. Chicago area accident.

Handicapped woman injured when wheelchair not properly secured by transport bus driver. Chicago area accident.

Medical Malpractice due to improper administration of an IV. Chicago area medical malpractice.

Construction worker was knocked off a 6' scaffold and suffered multiple fractures. Chicago area accident.

Young man injured when a building wall collapsed. Chicago area accident.

Customer fell over unmarked curb while about to enter a Pizza Hut Tore his rotator cuff. Northwest Indiana accident.

Volunteer at Church construction project suffered head injury after roof collapse. Chicago area accident.

Construction worker's ankle was shattered when he was run over by a small tractor. Chicago area accident.

Elderly woman pedestrian struck by auto driven by fellow resident of assisted living center Broke several bones and never recovered. Chicago area accident.

Passenger in car, who fractured knee during multi-vehicle accident. Chicago area accident.

Mother and child burned in fire at relative's home due to faulty wiring. Chicago area fire.

Medical malpractice against hospital resulting in death of child. Chicago area hospital.

Back injury in car accident. Chicago area accident.

$300,000 policy limits
Family visiting their ancestral property in Mississippi when their car was struck by a timber truck. Mississippi accident.

$300,000 policy limits
2 year old boy in Ohio was struck on the head by porch beam, which fractured his skull. Ohio accident.

Auto collision. Chicago area accident.

$285,000 arbitration award total payout
11 year old boy was struck in the head by a rock that shot out from underneath a commercial lawnmower. Chicago area accident.

3 Chicago area residents flipped truck in Tennessee while returning home. Tennessee accident.

2 young brothers suffered lead poisoning due to flaking paint in apartment. Chicago area accident.

Pedestrians struck by drunk driver while boarding CTA bus. Chicago area accident.

10 year old child struck by commercial van while crossing street with grandmother. Chicago area accident.

Age related employment discrimination. Chicago area employee.

Injury sustained by nursing home resident. Chicago area accident.

$225,000 Appellate Court victory
Ffor out-of-wedlock child, whose parent killed by cab driver over objections of children from decedent's marriage. Chicago area accident.

$200,000 policy limit
Motorist suffered a fractured ankle in a car accident. Chicago area accident.

36 yr old man fell in hole at construction site and broke his leg. Chicago area accident.

Woman suffered fatal smoke inhalation in apartment fire. No working smoke detectors. Indiana accident.

13 year old passenger in rental van that swerved to avoid animal on highway and tipped over. Downstate Illinois accident.

Damages incurred in an auto collision. Chicago area accident.

Fall down dark stairwell at doctors office while looking for the restroom. Chicago area accident.

Fall on defective stairway. Chicago area accident.

Suffered smoke inhalation during apartment fire. Chicago area fire.

Medical Malpractice case on behalf of child. Chicago area hospital.

Broke leg when victim fell down stairwell at own apartment complex. Chicago area accident.

$150,000 arbitration victory
Ffor passenger in car that was struck by uninsured motorist. Chicago area accident.

Back injured in auto accident. Chicago area accident.

Broke leg when fell into an unsafe excavation site along public way. Chicago area accident.

Medical Malpractice due to fall of a dizzy dialysis patient who was not properly monitored. Chicago area medical malpractice.

Electrician suffered back injury in construction related accident. Chicago area accident.

Fractured wrist due to fall in apartment due to poor lighting and loose carpet. Chicago area accident.

$102,000 policy limits
Young mother on her way to work during snow storm, hit head on by teenage driver resulting in broken leg. Teenage driver forced to pay in excess of his policy limits. Rockford area accident.

Child stabbed by piece of neighbors broken fence while playing in front of home. Chicago area accident.

$100,000 policy limits
Passenger in tow truck injured when driver lost control of vehicle. Chicago area accident.

$100,000 policy limits
Driver of auto struck by drunk driver. Chicago area accident.

Driver hurt in expressway collision. Chicago area accident.

Asphalt laborer struck by auto turning into McDonalds parking lot on which he was working. Chicago area accident.

Woman seated on a counter stool in a Dunkin Donuts when it collapsed causing a torn rotator cuff. Chicago area accident.

11 year old child suffered injury from live electrical wire left exposed in a playground area. Chicago area accident.

Young child was pushed on school playground by another student resulting in broken elbow. Child's family first retained Heller & Richmond, Ltd. over 6 years after the accident. Chicago area accident.

Child riding bicycle across the street was hit by car. Decatur Illinois accident

Policeman pointed gun at victim without cause. Chicago area.

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