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About The Firm

Personal Attention from Qualified Professionals

Have you ever been caught in a legal dilemma with no place to turn, but the yellow pages or a list of anonymous attorneys?  Have you ever needed emergency legal advice only to have “urgent” messages go unanswered?

We at Heller & Richmond, Ltd. are experienced attorneys, who are prepared to handle your family’s every legal need.  We believe in personal attention, so that you get service that is carefully tailored to yours needs – and at a price you can afford.

To Your Family From Ours

Our firm has been associated with a group of attorneys and clients having a long history together.  The families have grown with each other over the years.  To our old clients, may this tradition continue.  To our new clients, welcome to a legal setting where you too are considered a member.

Regardless as to the nature of your legal needs, call on the professionals you have come to trust.  Call on the law firm of Heller & Richmond, Ltd.

Long History in the Chicagoland Community

Heller & Richmond, Ltd. was formally incorporated in the State of Illinois in the 1970s.  It grew out of a family of attorneys working together since the 1950s.  Essentially our same law firm has been practicing across the street from the Chicago courthouse for over 50 years.  We are now run by Michael R. Richmond, who has been with the firm as a licensed lawyer since 1979 and Jay A. Heller, who has been with the firm as a licensed lawyer since 1981. 

Despite our significant client base, Attorney’s Richmond and Heller pride themselves on remaining personally involved with each and every client who walks through our doors.  It is those relationships and successful case outcomes that have driven our firm to the head of the pack into the 21st century. 

Our Motto

Finding the right attorney can be tough. Finding the right attorney with affordable fees can be even tougher.

Find out why thousands of satisfied clients selected Heller & Richmond, Ltd. as their trusted advisors.  When a legal need arises contact the lawyers who have been serving Chicago and all the collar counties for generations.  We will be happy to help.